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What to do if the Dryer is not starting?

American appliance repair

Usually, appliance repair Tucson checks the problem by finding the simple issues first which you can also do. If one appliance fails, you may try simple troubleshooting tips, for example, checking for a tripped circuit breaker. Below are a few troubleshooting steps you can get to start your dryer again in no time. However, if you cannot find the right solution you can make an appointment with your local American appliance repair. 


Both or only one dryer’s circuit breakers tripped. Go to your home’s electrical panel, open it and locate any tripped circuit breakers. If you see on switch is down move it back over into alignment with the rest of the breakers, and try to start your dryer again.


The door switch is broken. The door of the dryer has a switch and sensor that tells the machine when the door is fully closed. Its sensor can go bad, but if the dryer thinks the door is open will not start. However, to test its effectivity it needs a multimeter. If you don’t have this you can call best buy appliance repair near you.


The button for start is faulty. The start switch can also go bad. If you try to test it with a multimeter but if it does not work you can replace it.


The Thermal fuse is bad. The thermal fuse prevents the dryer from overheating. With the use of a multimeter check, if the thermal has no current, you need to replace it. The common cause of blown thermal fuse is debris accumulation inside the dryer. If the thermal fuse goes bad you may need a same day appliance repair to prevent any fire hazard.


If you try all of the above troubleshooting but to no avail, the issue may be in motor or more serious. You may call any of the appliance repair Spokane to help you find and fix your dryer. Do not allow your dryer to stay in a bad condition before you call a repairman. Make a scheduled service to a & e appliance repair.

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